Headlining Potential

Drawing one of the largest crowds of the day so far, Monster Magnet are introduced by Ashley Bird as they storm in to their killer set. Originally formed 15 years ago – Monster Magnet certainly have a lot of experience under their belt even if it is only in more recent years that they have reached the mainstream.

This band are certainly headline material and prove their abilities from the onset. The crowd are creating just as much energy as the band and consequentially things go from good to great.

Within 3-songs a guitar is smashed and the neck thrown in to the centre of the crowd as a helpless guitar tech scrambles to pick up any remains that he can find. It looks like this one is going to spend the rest of its life in the guitar park in the sky.

It really feels like this act should be topping off the night rather than appearing early in the morning – half the crowd are sitting on the other half’s shoulders whilst there are more arms flailing in the air than planes flying overhead.

Guitar solos a-plenty and bass lines that add a depth to the songs all help to create such a great set. When the singer, Dave Wyndorf, asks who is looking forward to Linkin Park – the silence is deafening. This band are what good old metal is all about. Miss them at your peril.