Somebody Stole My Cheddar

With their unique blend of euro-sounding-Detroit-pop-rock, Electric Six are loved by many and hated by even more – purely based on the merits of their two hit singles that hit the UK last year.

They come on stage resembling The Hives – but they seem to be verging on the cheesier side of pop-rock than most other bands. The question is whether The Hives’ showmanship or the Stilton will end up being the thing on everybody’s mind at the end of the night.

After a handful of songs from their album, ‘Danger! High Voltage’, causes a rather quiet crowd to motivate themselves into a frenzy, a woman appears on stage and proceeds to remove her top. She then proceeds to undertake a duet throughout the song.

The crowd die down for the rest of the set – even when a song sounding remarkably like ‘Ghostbusters’ is played. This is, at least, until 'Gay Bar’, which, without surprise, kicks the crowd up another notch.

As their cult hit single concludes, the second stage starts to empty as Electric Six begin their cover of Queen’s ‘Radio Ga Ga’.

Showmanship? Undoubtedly – but unfortunately the cheese seems to be rather more fragrant tonight than it has been on previous occasions. Lay off the Dairylea, boys!