Emo Superstars Fail to Impress

Scottish emo stars, Biffy Clyro, have risen to fame in recent years and have become a household name. Running half an hour late, they walk out to a rapturous applause – despite the fact that I hear a few people say, “Who are these guys? It doesn’t look like Static-X”.

The threesome get off to a good start with the powerful guitar riffs and soaring vocals that have given them emo-superstar status. After the first half of the set, however, something just seems to go wrong. My interest dissipates and the vocals move from soaring to painful.

The crowd love this band. To them there is very little that BC could ever do wrong. This was shown when they played at the Limp Bizkit gig a year ago – they may have sounded awful but the crowd didn’t care. To a non-fan, however, the set ends tediously.

There is definite potential from this band, but almost a year after I last saw them, there are few signs of performance improvement. Perhaps it’s best to enjoy them from the comfort of your CD player for now.