The Pride of England

Introduced as one of the hottest and newest bands in Britain – Million Dead are just that. Having been nominated for a Kerrang! Award in 2003 (against The Darkness) they have gone on to undertake two full UK tours in 2004 alone. It’s about time that they were given a festival outing to showcase their talents to the UK music scene’s public critics.

It seems that in most bands nowadays, a drummer is simply there to keep time and a bassist to add some of the lower frequencies. Bass lines tend to be boring and just follow a simple guitar riff, whilst you can swap drummers around more often that a pair of underwear without a crowd ever noticing. This is not the case with Million Dead, who’s unique sound is created by some of the most melodic bass lines with pleasingly pounding drumming that you are ever likely to hear. Million Dead evolve around the lower frequencies, with layers of higher frequencies on top. It is this that partly gives them their truly unique sound.

An important thing about the band is the energy that they emit when performing live. They told Room Thirteen earlier this year in an interview that they’ve all got other jobs – but you can tell that this is their passion and this is what they want to be doing. The energy that they provide shines off the stage and hits you just as much as the PA system itself fills the second stage with sound.

Described as everything from a political band to emo – there is only one true description for Million Dead. They are a bloody fantastic and passionate metal band.

The set is musically great and whips up a storm with the crowd who relish in Frank Turner’s scream of “HELLO DONNINGTON!”. The only problem today is that Frank’s beautifully soaring voice is hidden in the mix due to whoever seems to be working the front-of-house sound desk.

If you want re-affirmation of the British music scene in days when The Darkness top the charts and win awards over bands like these – then go and watch Million Dead. Be proud of them. They are what Donnington Park is all about and they belong here every bit as much as Iron Maiden did last year.