Heavy Riffs and Thumping Away

With their heavy riffs and thumping drumming, Hatebreed walk on stage to an already ecstatic crowd – and are certainly here on the right day. It would have seemed slightly strange if this band were playing just hours before Linkin Park.

There’s talk of secret slots. There are changes in the line-up and everybody seems to be lost in traffic – but Hatebreed walk on to announce that they are, in fact, Hatebreed. They provide a lively and certainly energetic set but just don’t seem to be able to draw in crowd members that are not necessarily existing fans.

The other thing is that the whilst interacting with the crowd, the band seem to have a limited range of scripted lines that could be used in any set, anywhere in the world. As the bass continues to pound the crowd seem rather inanimate considering the performance that is put before them.

The set finishes and people stand around still waiting for a secret slot. It seems that it just wasn’t the right atmosphere for Hatebreed today.