Sadly Lacking Somewhere

Slipknot are a band that everyone has to see in their life at least once. I’ve had the ‘knot experience twice previously in my life and both of them have been festival-based. I can honestly say that watching them both times was an experience I won’t forget. But what about today with Slipknot? What about for all the people who are going to see them for the first time – how is their experience going to stay with them?

They walk on stage to the usual music after some suspense and burst into their usual, energetic and immense set. When you first see Slipknot you really do need to take a step back and just watch what is unfolding before you.

Concentrating mainly on material from Iowa and their latest release, Slipknot certainly attract a large proportion of the crowd and motivate people. The set might not sound as good as it could do – but you do get to see the true energy of Slipknot come out and smack you in the face.

Some of the stage tricks are now old – if you’ve seen the entire crowd sit down before and jump up on cue then you’ll no longer be so impressed with stunts that are 3 or 4 years old, however if you’ve not seen it before it’s certainly a sight to watch.

There will be many people that have walked away and said that they won’t remember the set at all – however the fact is that Slipknot do have more potential than was displayed today. They tend to be a band that give live performances their all, whilst today it just seemed that something was held back.