Bursting At The Seams

A last minute change means that instead of reviewing Dillinger Escape Plan on the main stage, I have been relegated to the Barfly stage to see relative unknowns Fireapple Red.

Fireapple Red have roots going back to their school days in 1991 and it was only in 2003 that the current line-up was finalised with a new bassist added to the group. The band are made up of Scottish, Belgian, Norwegian and Moroccan influences – giving them the unique perspective that is reflected in their music.

The Download programme described the band as “hardcore ska punk” – with very few other details at all. This couldn’t be possibly further from the truth.

I’ve missed the first song and whilst approaching the stage all I can hear are ear-searing vocals; not the kind that would usually attract me to watch a band I had not heard before.

I’m not quite sure how – but as soon as I near the stage and the full sound of the band is added to the vocals the entire sound changes in a way that draws me in closer.

Fireapple Red provide what most bands don’t – energy and a clear love of music. From the second that you see them it is clear that front man Tarek loves what he is doing – you can see it in his slightly crazed eyes.

They progress through a manic set of metal. There is no ska-punk to be found. No trumps – all that is here today is good old-fashioned metal. As more and more people approach the stage intrigued by the sound – the band’s energy grows.

Neither an experienced band, nor a band that are quite ready to appear on a main stage but FAR are, however, a band to keep your eyes on. Their energy and pure love of performing makes them a pleasure to watch.