Sticky Tape All Over

With Metallica’s set still being a no show, comments are flying that the band have decided not to play and watch The Suicide Girls – certainly an intriguing idea. For those of you that are not away, The Suicide Girl are a group of gothic girls that like to expose themselves for money. Ideal for Download.

Their ‘set’ gets underway to a crowd of, unsurprisingly, mostly-male, mostly-drunk punters wanting to see some, well, some boobies. They get their desire and have 7 scantily clad girls dancing around soon wearing nothing except sticky tape over their nipples and a thong.

It ends up with beer, squirty cream and chocolate sauce being poured over the audience. Certainly an experience, but I’m not quite sure how to review this one for its musical merits I must confess. Seven girls then grow to 20-odd and a crowd leave happily in to the rain for the chocolate sauce to wash away.

An interesting end to a festival – that’s for sure. Personally, I liked Nixen.