Season's End Prove They're Ready To Become Big

Season's End have spent the last few years building a fan-base and a name for themselves throughout the UK. Last year several festival performances and a string of headlining tours under their belts led to them releasing a re-mixed version of their debut album. Despite being a great album, it seemed to lose some of the passion and feeling that was present on the more raw debut release, but how does the new material and the new songs come across live?

As vocalist Becki manages to fill Bristol's Bierkeller with her powerful vocals it becomes clear from the off that any emotion that was polished away on the CD is still here live, more so than ever. It's not just Becki though, every member of Season's End seems to put their all in to every second of a live performance; something that is remarkably easy when you have 20,000 fans in front of you and a multi-million pound budget but something that is rarely shown in a small Bristol venue on a Sunday evening. Even the latest temporary additions to the line up fits in effortlessly and it's almost as an afterthought you find yourself thinking "Isn't that the bloke from Liquid Sky?" whilst the second person, Dave Lovell, might be recognised from lugging around the band's gear on various tours!

Their latest material has put aside the lengthy build ups on their first album and instead attacks the heart within seconds. More powerful, more melodic, this is Seasons End with a mission. Whilst they play all their classics - 'A Ghost In My Emotion' stands out in particular (like always) but it's their new stuff that really grabs your attention.

Playing through their material, the atmosphere that Season's End create is
something special. Whilst Nightwish are walking around without a vocalist, all femme-fronted metal fans are calling out for someone to take their place. Season's End certainly have the talent and the passion to be England's answer to Nightwish, but only time will tell.