The Kaiser Chiefs in Their Teens

Breaking out of the small Welsh village of Cowbridge, The Automatic are on a mission to inject their own unique dose of youthful energy and enthusiasm into the music scene. Walking on stage with a confidence drenched swagger that would make even Richard Ashcroft jealous, the four piece instantly set about fulfilling their mission with opener 'Keep Your Eyes Peeled' gaining full attention of the Ally Pally crowd. Jam packed with riffs that steam roller through the crowd before giving way to some strategically placed punk pop yelps, The Automatic give everything and then some in their performance. 'That's What She Said' is Bloc Party meets Lost Prophets with a chunk of punk wedged in between, whilst one track is so new the band haven't even thought of a title themselves yet but that doesn't stop them from strapping a ton of energy to it and parading it in front of their biggest ever audience. Yes, the youth of today certainly have confidence and thankfully in The Automatic's case it pays off and doesn't even hint of misjudged arrogance.

Set up quite a distant away from his band mates, synths guy Pennie looks like he may be the outcast of the band, sent to the naughty corner (or in this case the side of the stage). Once The Automatic strike up though everything seems blatantly clear. Pennie hasn't been sent to no man's land as a punishment, he's been put there for the safety of the rest of the band. Strutting around like Pinocchio impersonating Mick Jagger, Pennie looks like he's had too much caffeine before coming on stage. A ball of energy that struts, jerks, screeches, wraps mic chords around his throat and continually jumps on and off speakers, he manages to cover ever inch of the stage making you feel tired just watching him. In short he's a whirlwind of pop punk that can't be controlled but is brilliant to watch.

Closing their set with 'Monsters', The Automatic seem well on their way to making their mark on the music scene. Offering three parts rock and one part punk, the Welsh four piece may well have just concocted the ideal formula for a captivatingly energetic group, what the Kaisers may have been like back in their teens.