A Genre of their Own - Prog Emo

Despite regular drummer Josh Eppard not making it as far as Download, a last minute replacement means that Coheed and Cambria still manage to start their set on time to the vast collection of fans and sun bathers gathered at the main stage.

On CD Coheed & Cambria are a band that tell stories, in order, throughout their albums, but as the material is presented live it loses none of its impact. The mix of almost emo lyrics, thrashing guitars and deep vocals provide a sound different to anyone else playing over the weekend. With long instrumentals and wandering guitar parts there is a constant sense that you're watching the band performing something new and unrehearsed time after time. It is this that makes them both unique and perfect prog-rockers at the same time.

Coheed & Cambria, nor Claudio's hair may not be best suited to a hot, long afternoon in the sun but their unique prog-emo blend is a fantastic pre-cursor of what is to come with fellow stage-mates Tool later in the evening.