Iron Maiden Return

It's been five years since Iron Maiden last played at Download Festival. During that time a lot of musical tastes have changed, it's no longer nu-metal versus the rest of the world, but rather everyone against emos; the festival itself has also changed with more days and more stages than before. One thing, however, has not changed that Donington is still a spiritual home of rock to thousands.

If you're looking for a show packed with showmanship, then Bruce and the rest of Iron Maiden are certainly one of the best bands on this planet to watch. It's not every year you see Download's main stage invaded with a giant green tank manned by Eddie after all, is it?

Their set is, as usual, perfect. With a mix of material it doesn't matter whether you've ever heard Maiden before or not it still seems that everybody can sing along to "Fear of the Dark" and "Run to the Hills". With decades of practice the talent just oozes of the stage when Maiden appear.

Despite his odd off-tangent, somewhat geeky-yet-fun, short waffles Bruce is a front-man that knows how to control a crowd and how to make them respond. With the whole of Donington following his every word Iron Maiden are as always a band you cannot miss. Iron Maiden are playing Brixton Academy on June 24th although tickets have all sold out.


'Different World'
'These Colours Don't Run'
'Brighter Than a Thousand Suns'
'Wrath Child'
'The Trooper'
'Children Of The Damned'
'The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg'
'For the Greater Good Of God'
'Number Of The Beast'
'Fear Of The Dark'
'Run To The Hills'
'Iron Maiden'
'Two Minutes To Midnight'
'The Evil That Men Do'
'Hallowed Be Thy Name'