Glitz, Glamour And Anthems A Plenty

For one Saturday night only Wembley Arena has been transported across the Nevada dessert, through the glitz and glamour of the Vegas lights and slap bang into the casino world of Sam's Town, a place that hopes you enjoy your stay before ripping you by the wrist and whirling you around in a whistle stop tour that encompasses murder, gospel sing alongs and tales of jealously and cheating lovers before taking in glimpses of small town America and even managing a stop in Manchester. Yes, The Killers are in town and with them they've brought more glamour, glitz and illuminations than Blackpool's seafront and more anthem filled numbers than you can throw your casino chips at. Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Sam's Town.

From the minute the houselights dim it is clear to all that Brandon Flowers and his gang have brought a tonne of their hometown theatrics to bolster their Sam's Town tour. Black and white video footage whizzes across the stage as we are drawn further and further into the Nevada dessert, watching images of Joshua trees and casinos fly by as the opening bars of 'Sam's Town' add to the growing anticipation that is zooming around the arena. Then suddenly the real life Sam's Town flashes by followed by an explosion of ticker tape that flies across the crowd before a statue-esque Flowers stands before us, pausing for a few seconds to insure the last drops of anticipation are sucked from the now rapturously ecstatic crowd before jumping into 'Sam's Town'. It's Vegas extravagance at its very best and the recent Brit Award winners are using it very much to their advantage. Bravely avoiding former hits early in the set, The Killers waste no time in launching into the three opening tracks of their recent number one album, taking in the adrenalin fuelled 'When You Were Young' as the shy front man parades around their carnival-esque stage complete with bunting and twinkling lights donning his best Wyatt Earp apparel complete with necktie and waist coat.

Yes, The Killers once renowned for being the best British band to come from America are intent on showing their native roots, embracing America to their hearts and bringing tales of small town USA to these shores. And quite frankly it's mind blowing. Sure, Flowers is not a very confident front man, shyly admitting himself he hasn't a clue what to say before asking if "you want to feel my bones?", nervously laughing about how "it's only natural" as means of introduction to their recent hit. But sometimes it's more what you do then what you say and as a showman Flowers is flawless with every gesture rousing the crowd, every instruction being readily obeyed. And when hits like 'Somebody Told Me' and the anthemic 'Mr Brightside' incite such a rousing frenzied sing along from the pogoing Wembley mass it can surely only aid in making him even better as the Vegas quartet effortlessly tie their two albums together amazingly.

By the encore we have been involved in murder courtesy of 'Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine' and taken into Flowers' confidence over his fear of flying thanks to 'Why Do I Keep Counting?' leaving many wondering what's next? What else but a trip to Manchester as The Killers offer a passable cover of Joy Division's 'Shadow Play', returning to their love of everything British. Of course though there is only one way to end a Killers concert and a mass sing along comes from none other than 'All These Things That I've Done' ending in Flowers atop a piano conducting the chants of "I've got soul but I'm not a soldier" with his mike stand, drawing a truly mesmerizing night to a euphoric climax and confirming to all just why the Las Vegas lads are the most wanted ticket in any town.