My Chemical Romance fans run in fear as Wolfmother's infectious classic guitar riffs start to flood from the main stage. The band's UK festival debut at last year's Carling Weekend seemed to draw a larger crowd, but today the band still easily manage to pack in a crowd to Donington's main stage.

Their mix of classic Zepplinesque and modern indie riffs rofm together to mae something that the rock industry has been lacking for a long time. With the current popular trend of clone indie bands, Wolfmother have the mass appeal whilst actually being talent-filled at the same time something a lot of bands don't have at the moment. If you've ever spent a weekend at an indie festival you'll know exactly what I mean.

As tracks from their debut, self-titled, album such as "Dimension" and "Woman" fill Donington, half the field seems to surge wit the band towards the main stage. As yet, Wolfmother are not big enough for their slot on today's line-up and would be much better playing to a packed second stage, but despite this there is no doubt that tonight's headliners, My Chemical Romance, would have to go a long way to match Wolfmother's performance.

If you like true, raw, passionate rock n' roll then look no further than Australia's own Wolfmother.