Stone Sour

As far as "spin-off" bands go, it's rare for one to become known in their own right, but as Stone Sour walk out to their "Final Countdown" introduction it is obvious that Stone Sour are part of that minority. Stone Sour was originally started the best part of a decade before Corey Taylor ever joined Slipknot and it is perhaps for this reason the band are actually gaining even more appeal than the 'Knot.

With what could well be the biggest crowd that the Main Stage has seen all weekend, Stone Sour's audio assault goes down well in Donington. With people crowded from stage to the top of the hill, Stone Sour deliver a passion filled, energetic and emotional set.

As Corey introduces "Made of Scars" from their new album he comments on the size of the crowd. By this time, most of the whole of Donington are cheering and when asked how many attended the band's last Download set a huge proportion of the crowd again confirm their love of the band. There is no doubt that Stone Sour have left a great impression on the UK rock scene.

The entirety of Stone Sour's set is filled with heartfelt metal and impassioned riffs supported by a crowd that clearly love this band. It may already be the last day of the festival, but Stone Sour appear to be the first band that are capable of attracting as wide of a fan base as Iron Maiden themselves.

When the now, almost classic "Through Glass" plays Stone Sour show that they are also able to cope effortlessly with more melodic songs. There's no doubt that Stone Sour are an amazing band whether it be on record or at a live show. If you have had your head in the sand then for the last few years and have somehow managed to avoid Stone Sour so far, then I'd recommend you check them out now.