This Time - Wrong Stage

To say that Korn have been assigned to the wrong stage is an understatement. The second stage is heaving to capacity with fans spilling out of the side of the tent and on to the grass banks. At the same time, the main stage is only about half full and boos and bottles are causing My Chemical Romance to cut their headline show short.

Korn's appearance last year festured many different vocalists to replace Jonathan Davis, who was in hospital. This year it is to be Joey Jordison (Slipknot) stepping in for David Silveria, who is on a hiatus from the band. Normally it would be a hard job for another drummer to step in to the role but Jordison has had a lot of practice and is no ordinary drummer having previously played with numerous bands, including Metallica, with ease.

With a good set combining a mix of Korn's material from "Freak On A Leash" to "Twisted Transistor" the crowd go wild. The tent is so full that members of the crowd climb the tent's support structure, headbanging from 100 feet in the air. Someone at Clear Channel's health and safety department appears to disagree though as the band inform the crowd they have to get down or the band will be unplugged. After a few moments of will they, won't they a crowd bottling of the remaining stragglers sorts the situation out.

For anybody actually in the crowd, moving is not an option. Anywhere in the tent with a view of screens or stage has been packed with people as if it were the front row of a stadium show. As the set finally moves to an end with "Throw Me Away" and "Blind", Korn have put on another stunning show this time even with a vocalist. All that remains now is to, perhaps one day, see the whole of Korn's line-up grace the main stage together.