Opening up the third stage on Sunday are LostAlone, a UK three piece that originally formed in 2005 in nearby Derby. With everything from "Guns 'n' Roses" to "political semi-metal" used to describe these guys, their set should be revealing at the least.

The trio cannot be faulted on the power they throw in to their performance, with singer/guitarist Steven Battelle bouncing around with far too much energy for this time on a Sunday morning.

Unfortunately the band doesn't pull in the biggest of crowds. With only a scattering of people in the tent it's clear that being adventurous with which bands to watch on a Sunday morning just isn't going to happen for most people today. The deliverance of the track "Alicia" is more befitting for a band several times their size.

LostAlone's only problem is that they currently don't have the special something that can draw in an entire crowd of strangers that have never heard their music before. If they carry on like they are at the moment they'll get there.