Grohl's Guys

Scottish band Brady Cole is an act that has strong links to the Foo Fighters. Having supported them in the UK back in 2005 at the request of none other than Dave Grohl who discovered them via their myspace page, they have even managed to record one of their EP's at the Foo's very own Studio 606. Not bad really for a band that are as yet signed.

Stopping only to ask a very unhelpful English crowd how Scotland were doing in tonight's football, Brady Cole managed to deliver a highly polished yet entirely raw set. Mixing the addictive melodic rock of The Who with the gritty distortion of Led Zeppelin the Fife band capture the heart of classic rock, giving it a modern spin that is instantly likeable and unavoidably contagious. With chugging guitar riffs merging with a bass that happily shake's every bone in your body with old fashioned rock and roll sleaze at its very core, tracks like 'Remember Your Manners' and 'Wide Eyed Devil' stomp past with the gruff growl of Steve Calvert adding the finishing touches to a perfect formula.

For many bands facing a wave of Foo Fighter fans would be somewhat daunting and whilst Brady Cole may not openly embrace conversationally connecting with the crowd there is little doubt that their mix of classically laced rock and roll won over many a new fan. Bringing the right amount of rock sleaze with plenty of stomping beats and hook fuelled tracks, Brady Cole were like a breath of fresh air. Let's hope it's not long before more follow in Grohl's footsteps and wake up to the rock genius of Brady Cole.