Forget The Hype

When a band waltzes onto the stage accompanied by the theme tune to ‘Only Fools And Horses’ you have to question just how hard they really are. When the band in question is the Gallows you’d be foolish to ask out loud. Abusive, obnoxious and entirely captivating the gang from Watford may have more hype surrounding them than a Spice Girl reunion. The difference is the new saviours of punk actually deliver.

As Frank Carter prowls around the stage, menacingly looking into the crowd he immediately and effortlessly gains your attention. Scrawny and pale Carter looks as if a slight breeze could blow him over but as ‘Come Friendly Bombs’ thumps out equipped with his ferociously fiscal vocals it is clear that there is a lot more to the man than meets the eye. Treating the gig more as a home show than part of an international combined tour, Gallows bulldoze their way through ‘Kill The Rythmn’ and ‘Abandon Ship’ resulting in a rioting exhibition of enthusiasm from the crowd. With brother Richard joining him on stage for a new song, it is obvious to all that Frank is enjoying himself as the Carter siblings fool around on stage, hugging one another and even managing to fall over at one stage. In the end though there is only one way to end a Gallows show and as ‘Orchestra Of Wolves’ aggressively thumps and screeches Carter takes one look into the crowd before running at full speed and diving into the mob; this is his crowd and if he’s good enough to insult them then he’s good enough to dance with them.

With songs that happily rip the skin from your bones it’s hard to imagine that there could be anything else left in the Gallows to give but surprisingly there is more to the band than just the songs. With Carter they have a front man who ensures all eyes are on him and if they aren’t you better be ready to be insulted. With a girl screaming for his attention it brings much laughter from all as the skinny singer tells her bluntly that she may wish the next song was about her but it isn’t, quickly putting the wannabe back in her place to the joy of the crowd. Yes, the Gallows are the saviours of punk and whilst their credentials as true punksters may be in question you can not deny their attraction, forget about the hype this Watford gang are the real deal.