Improved, But Still Room For More

Kid Rock was unfortunately hospitalised as soon as he arrived on-site at Download Festival 2008. Whilst many a kid rock fan was upset and wondering what could cause such a health problem just before going on stage the news meant that Disturbed were granted some extra time for their set. Something that sits very well with the majority of today’s crowd.

The amount of space for fans at this year’s main stage may seem smaller than any other main stage known to man but Disturbed, hailing from Chicago, manage to pull in an absolutely massive crowd filling the main stage. Whether part of this is in preparation for Motorhead, Priest and Kiss that are due to appear shortly is a possibility but everyone is standing and most people are cheering or singing along.

Standing in front of a giant, colourful, fire-filled backdrop the band seem to have much more stage presence than in the past. Disturbed have always been a good band on CD, but when it comes to live performances there has always seemed to be something missing which has suggested all the band’s talent is in production rather than talent however this seems to have changed. Disturbed have matured and their sound is much stronger, the vocals are generally powerful even on high notes and most importantly everyone is very much in time with each other.

The one problem with the longer set, however, is that it soon becomes apparent that many of their songs can become a bit repetitive. As a person behind me states that “all the songs sound the same” front-man David Draiman says “It’s like a sense of déjà-vu”. Whilst I’m sure he wasn’t referring to the content of their music the timing is apt and does make you realise that several of their songs do lack originality.

It may have been some seven years since Disturbed released “Down with the Sickness”, but it’s still the biggest crowd pleaser and saved for the tail-end of their set. There is always one single that will draw more of a crowd but considering how many releases the band have had since this time it is surprising that it is favoured by so many people still.

The band are certainly not perfect; David still loses his voice occasionally and can get a bit whiney, and the crowd almost unanimously respond with silence when asked if they have a copy of the band’s new album “Indestructible” and even more silence reins down upon Donington Park when if the crowd now intend to go and buy the album. There is no doubt that they are certainly much better than before but there is still room for improvement and the band could still achieve so much more.