Next Year's Headliners?

As soon as Bullet For My Valentine step onto the stage there is an electric buzz through the crowd. Clearly relishing another burst of hard hitting rock after Biffy Clyro’s performance, the crowd are eager to go crazy and luckily the Welsh band seem happy to help.

Pummelling into ‘Scream Aim Fire’, BFMV rage through a riotous set that finally sees some classic metal on the main stage for the first time today. With circle pits beginning to break out, lead singer Matt Tuck appears to be in his element, slightly in shock at the response his band are receiving before inviting the boys and girls to open up more pits which is dutifully carried out. But Tuck isn’t done yet. Pausing half way through ‘4 Words’, Tuck cheekily asks “so Donington, do you know what a wall of death is?” which is all it takes for the crowd to split down the middle and collide as he brings the song to a roaring conclusion.

As final track ‘Waking The Demon’ gets under way a clearly emotional Tuck addresses the crowd once more, relaying how this has been one of the band’s highlights shows and it is obvious on each band members face that they are enjoying it. With ‘Waking The Demon’ building to a raging climax, Tuck takes one last chance to tell the audience to go wild, to get sweaty and that BFMV will be back at Donington next year and in the words of Tuck, “we will be headlining”. Bold words from a bold performance that going by today’s offering could very well be true, but perhaps Tuck you should check with the promoters before hand.