Good Band, Great Potential

Considering it is only half past one and everyone should be suffering final-day festival hangovers it’s surprising that there are almost as many people to see Kentucky’s Black Stone Cherry as there were for both Incubus and The Offspring. Maybe it’s the fact that people feel they should see some bands on Sunday, or maybe it’s the fact that it’s not quite as cold as yesterday • but a lot of people have turned up.

Black Stone Cherry’s music could be best described as heavy rock • with choruses that may feel at home with a band like Nickelback whilst heavy metal riffs are intertwined throughout the songs. It’s nothing phenomenal, but it’s also not bad. The crowd give a pleasant response • clapping when expected too and actually standing up for the band.

The band perform very well together and product one solid sound that hits you like a wall of rock. Whilst Chris Robertson manages to work up the crowd, the guitar work from the band is also fantastic in parts • which would lead for many more solos rather than simply adding some twiddly bits over the rest of the band. With some serious soloing the band’s music would be taken up several notches instantly.

The band eventually play their debut UK single, but nobody seems to know the name of it • let alone the actual lyrics. After this they finally ask the crowd to shout their name so that a video of it can be uploaded to their official site • which does seem to get people somewhat excited.

The band end their set to great cheers as a guitar is played behind a head, then with the face rather than a pick just before they all jump down in to the security pit to greet all their fans for a few minutes with high fives.

Black Stone Cherry are currently a good band with great potential. If enough people stumble upon them, and if they work more on their showman ship and add in some more solos then they really do have a chance to become something extraordinary. For now, however, they are just another rock band verging on the edge of success.