Reclaiming Metal For The Midlands

The crowd may be on the small stage as Birmingham based metallers Hostile take to the stage but you get the sense that such trivial matters aren’t going to stand in the way of this band’s Download debut.

With a long black coat swirling around him like a cape, it is Hostile’s front man who commands the stage, adding a touch of theatrics to proceedings as smoke billows across the stage and around the tent matched only by flashing lights that blind all in beat with the drum. Its unadulterated old school metal that unleashes snarling riffs alongside earth shattering drum beats, all kept in check by powerful vocals. At times there are hints of Lordi-esque theatrics, thankfully minus the make up, that although verges on the brink of being cheesy, still receives a warm welcome from the crowd and partnered with a growling charge akin to Devil Driver, Hostile’s set adds an extra punch, suggesting they won’t stay on the small club circuit for long.

The third band to be flying the flag for Midland’s metal today on the first day after the more well known Stone Gods and the mighty Judas Priest, Hostile inject a bout of some much needed traditional old school metal onto the third stage. With their debut album set to be produced by Priest guitarist KK Downing, there’s a sense that the Midlands is really claiming the metal scene back and at the very least Hostile’s set shows all that British bands haven’t forgotten where the heart of metal really lies.