Classic Biker Rock The Aussie Way

Heading up the first of an all Australian brace on the second stage, Rose Tattoo bring a gigantic chunk of classic biker rock to the Tuborg stage early on Sunday.

Drawing a relatively large crowd, Rose Tattoo blaze their way through a set that could have come straight out of a Hells Angel’s head quarters. Melodically heavy punctuated with snippets of Angry Anderson’s quintessentially Australian humour about finally finding a use for Red Bull, apparenelty it’s a great place to hide your vodka, all delivered with his Aussie drawl. As well as that there’s also Anderson’s preacher-esque blasts of “rock and roll saves lives” that’s openly begging for an “amen” to be stapled to the end that although balances on the brink of being Spinal Tap comedy, is delivered with such passion you can’t help but be swept up in the Rose Tattoo frenzy. In short Rose Tattoo are good old fashioned rock that seems to only be missing a Harley perched on stage and the crowd love them for it.

Having previously announced that the band only have one more album left in them before they retire it is unsurprising that their Download set is brimming with hits from ‘Bad Boy For Love’ to closer ‘Nice Boys Don’t Play Rock N Roll’ and it is all delivered with the expertise of a band who have played every festival, have played every stage in both the North and Southern hemisphere and who deserve to be applauded for it.