Puzzles' Final Lap

The hair maybe shorter, the sky blue jeans donned by all three members may suggest a softer side but make no doubt, Biffy Clyro are still here to obliterate all with their raging cluster of sound that miraculously terrifies, excites and moves.

Storming immediately into a vigorously ferocious blast of ‘Saturday Superhouse’ Biffy instantly grab all by the throat and throw them against the wall as their culmination of stabbing guitars collide with an avalanche of drum beats before Simon Neil’s fierce vocals insure all are dancing along. Tearing straight into the infectious stomp of ‘Who’s Got A Match’, the Scottish trio immediately have the crowd singing eagerly along, as claps and the stamping of feet mingle with Neil’s manic showmanship, making for an engaging sight.

With the exception of a euphorically electrifying inclusion of ‘Mountains’, today’s set is very much about Biffy putting ‘Puzzle’ to bed before returning with their eagerly anticipated next album. ‘Machines’ bristles with a sensitivity that all but silences the crowd as they stand transfixed by Neil’s emotional outpouring, whilst ‘Now I’m Everyone’ captures the true partnership of the band as vocals combine mesmerising for a moving yet riotous burst of rock. But it is still ‘Livings A problem Because Everyone Dies’ that guarantees a jaw dropping moment as the Neil heads towards the drum kit, eyes menacingly glaring at the crowd as his head twitches in time to the drum beat, steadily drawing all into the song as all three members’ voices weave a hypnotically compelling introduction to the song. Erupting with energy and an uncontrollable anthemic rush, ‘Livings A Problem …’ dazzles all, proving beyond a doubt what an intoxicatingly amazing live band Biffy are.

An exhilarating enthralling farewell to ‘Puzzle’ as the Scottish trio head off to make their next album, leaving all eagerly awaiting their return.