Proving They're More Than A Comedy Act

Having already appeared on the BBC Introducing stage for a secret acoustic set, We Are Scientists turn things up a few decibels for their second Reading stint of the day and give all a fun filled blast of indie rock beats to dance the day away to.

Blasting straight into ‘Ram It Home’, the New York duo waste no time in unleashing a wave of dance inducing tracks as ‘Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt’ bristles with adrenaline fuelled enthusiasm that is brushed aside only by the more sedate frolicking of ‘Chick Lit’ as the band marry old and new tracks seamlessly.

Jerking his way around the stage, Keith Murray’s stabbing guitar riffs mingle appealing with Chris Cain’s vocal harmonies making for an infectious mix that’s hard to resist. Ever the comic duo, the pair even manage some shout outs to the food stalls circling the arena, adding their own banter as has come to be expected from their shows.

As the last strains of ‘It’s a Hit’ punches its way aggressively across the crowd, WAS cheekily declare that they are going to do a song with Editor’s guitarist. Declaring its Chris Urbanowicz’s favourite song and that his band refuse to play it with him, WAS effectively stir anticipation over the track. But this is WAS after all and any chance of the Nirvana covers that have seemed so popular across the stages this weekend are soon diminished as they launch into an hilariously affectionate cover of Ace Of Bases’ ‘All That She Wants’. Seemingly taking the whole thing way too seriously, the New York natives still manage to add some fun to their set and as ‘After Hours’ bleeds brilliantly into an infectiously vivacious eruption of ‘Great Escape’ its clear to all that WAS now have the tracks to match their comic quips pound for pound.