Getting The Party Going With Added Irish Cheer

Having been forced to leave the Lock Up tent through fear of suffocation, it’s a conversation by two techies trying to make their way around the mass of people that sums up Flogging Molly’s set. Having walked passed ten mintues into the set they quickly return, traipsing sluggishly past, having aborted their trip moaning how it will take over an hour to get through all these people and how its best to wait to the band have finished. Yes, the Irish band has arrived at Reading and it would seem they have brought every festival goer on site to their party.

With people climbing the tent poles and hanging precariously from the rigging, Flogging Molly undoubtedly are the biggest draw of the day as their blend of stomping punk welded to traditional Celtic music puts everyone in a party mood and has imitation Irish jigs breaking out in every direction. Exploding with contagious enthusiasm and sheer fun, Flogging Molly simply play rousing songs that ooze fun and passion from every thumping beat. Driven by front man Dave King, the seven piece bulldoze their way through an exhausting set that sees appearances from ‘Tobacco Island’ and the adrenaline charge of ‘No More Paddy’s Lament’ that leaves all breathless but thirsty for more.

Then there are the bands dedications. Everyone from King’s own father to Frank Carter’s mother have a song dedicated to them adding to the party feel and as ‘Lighting Storm’ brings an end to the set you feel the party is over all too soon. Ferocious beats, contagious tunes and riotous fun, Flogging Molly are a band everyone needs to experience if only to bring a whopping big smile to your face.