Pure Reading Rock

Derry three piece Fighting With Wire have been causing a steady stir of anticipation and excitement amongst those in the know for a while now. Taking bits of Foo Fighters, throwing in a touch of Biffy Clyro and rounding it all off with a hint of the Pixies, FWW are a thrilling prospect and when on the live stage things becoming even more exciting.

Ploughing straight into the crowd with a fist full of fuzzy guitars and bull dozing drums, the trio immediately generate a sound so much bigger than they are, as catchy riffs dance off one another and vocal harmonies collide encouragingly. ‘Machine Parts’ minces nicely alongside ‘Everyone Needs A Nemesis’ whilst front man Cahir O’Doherty’s carefree showmanship just adds to the whole package. Continually making dead pan jokes, you're never quite sure when he is being serious. At one stage the Irishman begins to mourn the tragic news of Reverend And The Makers breaking up, pleading his sincerity before declaring that their album was a nine carrot gold chunk of shit and did anyone actually get what they were about anyway? Its fun, with some pounding beats to boot and as the three piece charge into their final song, something tells you that they won’t be a secret for long. Brash guitars, pounding drums and vocals that will adhere them to the hardened rocker along with the radio friendly crowd, FWW has something for everyone, suggesting that next year the Festival Republic stage will be a tad on the small side for this Irish band.