Can The Pits Get Any Bigger?

Two years ago Devil Driver played in a tent. It was in this tent that the Californian metallers attempted to create the biggest ever circle pit, a feat they managed to achieve with amazing effect as the whole of the tent became emerged in a colossal swirling pit. Today they play the main stage, it’s a bigger crowd which can only mean one thing, it’s going to be a bigger pit.

Aggressive from the start, ‘Clouds Over California’ heralds Devildriver’s return to Donington with bone shattering beats amongst colossal riffs that thunder menacingly by. ‘Not All Who Wander Are Lost’ slams with melodic ease as circle pits already emerge much to the delight of singer Dez Farfara as he encouragingly growls through ‘Pray For Villains’ taking the time to pleasantly chat to the crowd as if he’s having tea with the vicar! As always with a Devildriver show, the Californian’s are quick to show their appreciation to their label, Roadrunner, a trait that from any other band would seem cheesy but somehow comes across as pure appreciation from the quintet.

With dust clouds rising above the crowd, Farara happily looks out at the gathered masses, declaring that the people from the Guinness Book Of Records have actually turned up today to witness this year’s circle pit, the front man calls for everyone to push back, to open up the gap as much as possible in order for the biggest ever circle pit to come to life. Obediently the front opens up, a great hole emerges as the entire length of main stage becomes a gigantic circle pit waiting to spring to life and as ‘Meet The Wretched’ kicks in, the dust rises and the biggest circle pit is generated. Surely Devildriver’s next Download outing can’t establish a bigger circle pit? Or can it?!