Playing The Perfect Support Act Role

Californian’s Louis XIV has shared a long affiliation with The Killers. Friends for years, the bands have been known to offer importune collaborations on the live stage as well as guesting on each others tracks, most notably the lending of Louis XIV’s vocals for backing on The Killers ‘Sam’s Town’ album. It’s fitting therefore that the Las Vegas band would choose their pals as a support act, one that their fans were sure to have stumbled across and would recognise before they took to the stage themselves.

Dutifully playing the role of the support band, Louis XIV do everything that is asked of them; obligingly warming the crowd up for the main act with enough subtly to insure they weren’t stealing anyone’s limelight, even managing some routine shout outs for the headliners. Offering classic rocks riffs amidst a wave of haze laced glam, Louis XIV pummel through a fast paced set, pausing only momentarily for respite as the Bowie-esque ‘Air Traffic Control’ swirls around the arena, briefly colliding with the rock glam stamp and stomp of ‘Finding Out True Love Is Blind’ as front man Jason Hill delivers the track in his trademark chatty singing voice. It’s polished and professional and whilst the older material from 2005’s ‘The Best Kept Little Secrets’ seems light years behind the band’s new rock folk persona, everything magically congeals together, providing plenty of oomph to kick start the filling arena without pinching any of their Las Vegas’ pals sparkle.