Surprisingly Unassuming

Ollie Sykes may just be the most hated man in metal for no real known reason at all. It’s an unfair tag that’s befallen the Sheffield singer but as he leads his band, Bring Me The Horizon onto the second stage, its obvious that’s its one he certainly doesn’t deserve.

Surprisingly unassuming, Sykes’ interaction with the crowd is muffled partly through shy humility but mostly through sheer exhaustion. Leaping around the stage, Sykes wastes little time before he is down at the front barrier, gripped onto by security before he is ripped into the crowd, or at the very least dives in himself. A vigorously charged ‘Diamonds Aren’t Forever’ gets things under way in riotous fashion before the likes of ‘Football Season Is Over’ offers up a chaos that is broken only by Sykes commands for the crowd to stick their middle finger in the air for ‘Keep One Eye Open’.

By the end Sykes is perched on top of a speaker stack, inciting more mayhem before the Sheffield lads plough into ‘Chelsea Smile’ bringing their set to a fittingly chaotic conclusion. He may have his haters but there’s no denying that BMTH offer an exciting, if somewhat exhausting live show.