Downfall Of Us All?

What a difference a year makes. Having been part of last year’s Road To Download Tour, A Day To Remember’s return to Donington sees them earn a much bigger following and securing a mid afternoon slot on the second stage. As the initial chords of their opener, ‘Downfall Of Us All’ blasts across the crowd, more people start darting in from all directions to catch the Florida quintet’s set.

Kicking things off with your most well known track may pull people in but it doesn’t necessarily hold them and as the catchiness of ‘Downfall Of Us All’ fades, ADTR fail to win over those who’ve trekked across for that one sing along track. Calls for the band’s Kelly Clarkson cover doesn’t help matters and whilst they may put in an energetic performance, there’s little to hold the curious music fan checking the band out for the first time resulting in pockets of the crowd leaving before the end. Things aren’t helped by the sound's inability to move across the crowd, dropping out at times so that singer Jeremy’s vocals lack the usual punch that works so well in making ADTR stand out from other post hardcore bands.

With a stint on this year’s Warped Tour already planned, ADTR have a busy schedule ahead of them, hopefully one that will allow them to come back next year and prove to the Download crowd that they are more than one track and a cover song.