One Down, One To Go

Playing the first of two slots at Download this weekend, The Blackout take to the main stage with no other intention but to leave their mark on Donington. Bursting with uncontrollable energy, the Welsh lads make you exhausted just watching them as they plough through tracks such as ‘ShutTheFuckUppercut’, the brilliantly, crudely titled ‘Spread Legs Not Lies’ and a rousing ‘Children Of The Night’ which even manages to welcome in the odd pit.

Bounding across the stage, front men Sean Smith and Gavin Butler’s blend of screams and singing bounces off each other with great effect, creating an engaging partnership that is matched only by their ability to interact with the crowd. Not ones to merely introduce a track and plod on, Smith and Butler take the time to offer the quick quip and even insult to the crowd, making for an entertaining addition to their infectious set that even sees them bravely attempting a Korn/Limp Bizkit/Faith No More medley that surprisingly comes across well, although Butler goes on to say how he’ll probably be stabbed in the chest backstage after tackling three such well loved songs but it merely shows that The Blackout are a band that won’t simply roll over. They believe in their band, their music and what’s more they want everyone else to get in on the act as well, whether you like it or not.

Announcing that you don’t even need to speak English to join in with the next chorus, a lesson in “who-ahs” follows as Butler and Smith introduce ‘Hide Tide Baby’, signalling the end of their first Download set as the crowd dutifully obliges and joins in. Their next Download performance may not be on the main stage, but having won over the crowd it’s likely that these Welsh lads will at the very least have a few more turning up to for their next Donington show.