Promising Download Debut

Irish three piece General Fiasco are suffering slightly from stage fright. Whether its fear that their blend of rock isn’t quite heavy enough for the Turborg stage at Download or it’s purely nerves, there is a definite wave of trepidation rushing off all three members throughout their thirty minute set.

Whilst their catchy rock riffs and sing along friendly vocals are polished and provide a solid performance, the band themselves seem to be a touch in awe of the whole situation. When they let the music do the talking things go well for General Fiasco, the likes of ‘Rebel Get By’ and new single ‘We’re The Foolish’ provide a nice slice of melodic rock to nod the head to and get feet moving. The problems arise when it comes to talking to the crowd. Mumbling in a thick Irish accent, conversation revolves merely around briskly introducing the next track before hastily getting back to the music. The aptly titled ‘Ever So Shy’ is introduced as being about drinking, a trait that it would appear resonates through most of the band’s catalogue whilst the meaning behind ‘Little Doors’ gets lost amongst mutters, thankfully an attribute that doesn’t befall the actual song itself.

Luckily for General Fiasco shyness is a problem that they can fix. The music is there, the songs are there and given time, interaction with the crowd will become second nature. A promising Download debut.