Short And Sweet

Shinedown have perhaps been the best kept secret in metal. Until recently they had not toured the UK and it’s only their latest release, ‘The Sound Of Madness’ that has been widely available on our shores. As such it’s not surprising to discover that many have turned out to catch them on the second stage, eager to finally see them in the flesh.

Decked out in a black leather jacket and face-hugging sun glasses, front man Brent Smith makes you feel hot just looking at him in the scorching sun but regardless of the inappropriate attire for the heat, Shinedown don’t disappoint those gathered at the second stage. ‘Cry For Help’ makes an early appearance, automatically engaging with the crowd before Smith announces a guest coming to the stage for ‘The Sound Of Maddness’ with Black Stone Cherry’s Chris Robertson making his entrance and adding a rough soulfulness to the track. From here there’s the gentility of the emotion fuelled ‘45’ that is begging for lighters to be held aloft followed by the equally moving ‘Second Chance’ that leaves only the penetrating beats of ‘Devour’ to contend with as arms are raised in the air in excitement, sending the crowd into a frantic crush of flaying heads and stamping feet that brings everyone in on metal’s best kept secret.

In the end it’s a short but sweet set, undeniably enjoyable if only they could have had longer.