Finally Reaping The Rewards

It’s a packed tent that awaits Essex’s Forever Never at the Red Bull stage and for once it would seem that it’s not full of people merely wanting a break from the sun. With their blend of heavy yet melodic music, Forever Never perfectly slot in the middle of Download’s line up, heavy enough for the hardcore fan and yet providing enough catchy, sing along segments to keep the more rock inclined happy it’s a compromise that works well for the band. As rampant riffs rage, the soulfully powerful vocals of lead singer Renny Carroll give the band a driving force that makes them an engaging live band.

From the chant inducing antics of ‘Never Enough’ that breaks only to capture a twirling guitar solo, through to the crunchy beats of ‘As I Lie’ complete with throat aching growls, Forever Never manage to pack everything into their set, urging fists to pound the air in appreciation and even inviting pits to open up in the packed tent before announcing that they will be out by the ice cream van after the set to meet fans. It may not be a hardcore rock and roll meeting point but at least the five guys are willing to take the time to show their appreciation back to the crowd.

Formed in 2004, Forever Never have been plying their trade for a few years now and it finally seems to be paying off, people finally seem to be taking notice and with one solid Download performance under their belts, it can only be assumed more are yet to follow.