Saint Jude Sunday @ Guilfest The Good Time Guide Stage

Taking influences from the likes of Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith and Aretha Franklin, Saint Jude certainly live up to the crowd’s rock expectations!

Playing The Good Time Guide Stage at Guilfest early Sunday afternoon, the fivesome managed to secure the attention of a strong crowd (albeit, a slightly older one) who were evidently won over by the beauty and bellowing vocals from front lady Lynne Jackaman. Undoubtedly, failing to clash with anyone of high stature on the main stage certainly helped to drag in passersby’s but once the bait was taken, the wonderers were hooked.

The inflatable stage, second to main at the festival, provided a crisp sound for fans; complemented by beautiful weather and bright blue skies. Striking a pose in her fabulous purple dress, the Beverley knight-esque singer impressed fans with a soulful tone accompanied by classic American rock. ‘Soul On Fire’, a stand out hit for the London quintet, proved to be a crowd favourite and brought out the sassy lead singers dexterous tambourine skills. Other tracks played included ‘Pleased To Meet You’ and Sweet ‘Melody’.

Dedicating the group’s new single - 'Angel' to the mysterious Belinda, Jackaman and co played numerous tracks throughout the set from their new album, "Diary Of A Soul Fiend". Hanging out around the signing tent after the performance, Saint Jude’s down to earth attitude and musical talent will set them up for an impressive career. The bands next adventure sees a trip across Europe, debuting at the Paradisco club in Amsterdam August 11th.

By Lucy Keys