Slayer!! Slayer!! Slayer!!

This is fucking SLAYER! This is what makes a metal festival complete. Some amongst us are experiencing Slayer for the first time and those people will be changed forever by this experience today. The mosh pit is heaving and ready to kick off. The announcer airs a warning to all to be careful out there and pick someone up when they fall.

When the band steps up, you know in your heart that they should have been higher up on the bill, or even better, main support slot taken by Pendulum. Everything kicks of with 'South of Heaven', starting epically slow before constantly accelerating until it reaches thrash speed, creating a huge pit. By the time second track, the new 'World Painted Blood' comes on, the pit is the most insane that Sonisphere's seen this weekend, it may even be the most insane ever. Even a blow-up doll crucified to one of the flag poles is moshing to and fro.

Kerry King has a huge stage presence and Tom Araya is having a blast and unable to contain his smile. When Kerry stands in front of the amplifiers to generate the correct level of feedback, we all know what's coming. Yes, it's Guitar Hero's favourite track 'Raining Blood'.

Unfortunately the set seems a lot shorter than expected. This could be due to the phenomenal speed they played or a short set, but when it draws to a close with 'Mandatory Suicide' and finally the amazing, albeit controversial, 'Angel of Death', we all know we have witnessed another historic Slayer performance. Tom Araya's Thank You comes from the heart.