Chill Out At V

It’s the middle of the afternoon, it’s a Sunday and for once the sun is shining over Staffordshire. Tomorrow’s torrential rain is nowhere to be seen and all you want to do now is lay back and relax whilst enjoying the rest of the day. Enter Athlete.

Opening with the now-classic ‘Fly to El Salvador’, Athlete are the perfect band to be playing right now. The main stage feels like one big chill-out area as the band move through their set of summer songs.

One way to get any crowd on your side is to flatter them. As Athlete insist today’s crowd is better than Chelmsford’s yesterday you almost believe them – at least you remember that nine out of tent bands will say that.

There’s not much more to Athlete other than the ability to chill out – but that doesn’t matter as, in their case, that’s more than enough.