Most Promising Unsigned British Band of the Moment

This Welsh trio have ventured over the Severn Bridge to perform a selection of their songs in front of a small crowd in Bristol. The Fleece has been home to all kinds of bands over the years - ranging from tribute bands, no hopers and even the likes of Taproot and Bowling for Soup. Tonight three unknowns have taken to the stage. This band are lead by front-man bassist Huw Evans with James Went working his axe and Stephen Nasrat bashing the skins.

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From the first chord of "Refrain", the first song of the night, everybody in the venue starts to pay attention. Perhaps tonight was not a wasted trip after all? The band play through their 8-song set with the ease and grace that you would expect from seasoned performers, not a band who are carrying their own equipment on stage and playing with somebody elses drum kit.

The sound of TMW can only be described as imense and full. It combines classic rock riffs with true metal virtues, and packs a bit of everything else you may want as well. A highlight was not only some amazing guitar work and tight drumming - but some of the most creative, fun and energetic bass playing I have ever had the priveledge to witness (and this is the nineteenth band I have reviewed in the last eight days).

For the entire set only 4-5 seconds could be faulted with the rest punched out as it was meant to be heard. At the end of the set a room full of people are all left wondering the same question - not when will this band receive the recording contract and blow the world away (as that seems a certainty) but who the lucky record company will be to first realise this potential and when the release will be.

I came expecting a mediocre performance - imagining that this band would be much more of a studio band from the sound of their demo. How wrong I was. Out of all the unsigned bands I have seen this is the only band that I have ever immediatley thought I would give a contract to if I had the power. Great things should be in the future for this band.

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