Not Quite Headliners

As Three Inches of Blood take to the stage the Wulfrun has emptied for the most part and there is nobody really left at the front of the room except a couple of rows of devoted fans and a handful of polite metal fans.

The PA has been a nightmare tonight and it is no different for Three Inches of Blood whose vocals initially seem lost somewhere in the room that you can't quite pinpoint. As front-man Cam Pipes walks around stage looking like a metal version of Father Christmas with metal studded wristband and vocals akin to Judas Priest a few people start to return to the stage curious about the performance.

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As they enter their second song there's and improvement and the band seem to actually find their feet for headlining a Road Rage date in front of British metal fans. Once you get past their looks and crazed stage presence there is something about this band that really captivate you - the sound and vocals both rely heavily on the classic roots of metal with influences sounding present from both Judas Priest and Led Zeppelin - and not just for the impressively high vocals.

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Three Inches of Blood are not a band that seems that comfortable with their performance. They look at each other with giving looks and Justin and Shane look down at their fret boards to make sure they're playing correctly - but they're not a bad band. Matt Wood's drumming is highly impressive and deserves special recognition along with the vocals of Cam that really push the bounds of metal.

If you're a fan of the band or you're in to metal that sounds like it should be Euro-folk metal on acid then you're going to love this band. If that doesn't sound like your cup of tea then you should give them a chance anyway - Three Inches of Blood are worth a watch just for an energetic and powerful live show that will keep you watching from start to end.

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