Metal For All

It's strange. A year ago nobody had really heard of Panic Cell yet nowadays they're almost a household name in the metal world. A year ago they had only just started to receive Scuzz airplay, then they played Bloodstock and this year they're back with a vengeance; supporting American Head Charge, playing Bloodstock, playing Damnation and rumours about Download and Thirteenth Day as well. It's certainly been a good 12 months for the guys.

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For a fair few Panic Cell are actually the main reason that they've come out tonight. They're a band that, some how, gain mainstream and alternative acclaim at the same time - something that very few bands ever manage to achieve in the elitist metal genres.

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Pulling a noticeable crowd for a support act, Panic Cell jump straight in to a set full of power, killer riffs and immense energy. There's no doubt that these guys deserve the acclaim that they're receiving. As the infamous 'Save Me' starts the crowd erupt showing the potential that Panic Cell have within their music.

If you like metal of any shape or form then you'll not want to miss Panic Cell - and the chances are that within the next 12 months you won't.

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