Papa Roach

In the six-or-so years since nu-metal passed its peak, Papa Roach are one of the few bands to survive. With four major label releases and numerous earlier EPs, it is no surprise that Papa Roach are a band that is still here, compared to the numerous bands who arrived on the scene, copied the formula and vanished after a couple of singles.

Papa Roach manage to draw a similar sized crowd to that of Linkin Park, Saturday's headliners, but hours earlier in the day. The crowd is made up of old and new fans with the band still pulling in new fans half a decade after their infamous "Infest". It is clear that Papa Roach still have the same energy they have always had.

With a lot of new songs, like "Time Is Running Out", during which the band get the entire crowd from the front to the sound stage to clap along in time, a lot of Infest's material doesn't receive much of an outing in the first half of their set. If you haven't heard Papa Roach in a while, their new material is a lot dirtier than their earlier work whilst still maintaining the passion and energy that defines Papa Roach.

About half way through their set Jacoby Shadix declares that for "the old school Papa Roach fans" "Dead Cell" and "Broken Home" follow. For songs that once received a huge uproar and loud singing, it's actually surprising to notice that a lot of the younger crowd aren't interested in early Papa Roach.

The rest of the set moves between a mix of material ending with "Between Angels and Insects" and "Last Resort" two songs that still, years after release, manage to make everyone sing along in time. For a band that were known for once being another nu-metal band amongst many, Papa Roach have really defined themselves and come a long way. If you've not checked them out in a few years, it's time to do so.