Going Through The Motions

Considering Saosin's last experience of a UK festival resulted in them having to leave mid way through when their singer was rushed off stage to hospital, you have to give the Californian post-hardcore rockers points just for having the balls to turn up and that's before they kick things off with what has to be one of the strangest and funniest intros a band's used all weekend.

Taking to the stage to a hilarious extract from the recent Tenacious D movie, Saosin set about providing a little respite from bombardment of heaviness that is sweeping Donnington as they unleash a wave of expansive post hardcore tunes, eclipsed with soaring vocals and songs that threaten to reach epic proportions. Sadly though the threat never pays off as Saosin continually offer glimpses of a band ready to take on the world before hastily retreating back into their comfort zone. 'Seven Years' sees lead singer Cove Reber welcome some audience participation as the sporadic crowd in the Dimebag Darrell Tent tentatively repeat his vocal harmonies, injecting a shimmer of life back into the set. Indeed Reber himself seems somewhat confused and perplexed by the whole thing as he pauses for a couple of minutes trying to work out how many songs is left of the set. Having decided on two, he launches into 'Voices', a choice that miraculously lights a spark as Saosin hurtle full force into the track, building momentum to the sweeping chorus that redeems the band partially for any earlier negative flaws.

With the potential to whip the crowd into a passion fused frenzy with songs brimming with emotion, Saosin's Download set suggested that there's much more to the band. Sadly though the Californian's only gave us a sneaky peak preferring instead to go through the motions.