Panic Cell

Panic Cell are a band that would, once upon a time, never have made the Download Festival lineup. With a sense of nostalgia as the festival hits its fifth birthday, it's fantastic to see how musical tastes have changed over the years with more and more people interested in the heavier side of metal than ever before. This means that nowadays, Panic Cell are right at home.

The band are now capable of easily filling the third stage and manage to whip the crowd in to their energetic, pounding and brutal set. Luke's vocals actually seem to cause to ground to shake a little in fear as he bellows out the lyrics to song after song.

One of the earliest and most known songs by Panic Cell, due to its heavy TV play at the time of release, is 'Save Me'. As the song starts the entire crowd move like fluid all together and all around the main stage. By the time the song is over the crowd are chanting the band's name over and over.

Panic Cell's music is hard, brutal and penetrating. If that's how you like it then you should check out the band's new album which will be available from July 23rd.