Lacking The Vital Spark

N.E.R.D may not feature high on the day’s bill but they draw an amazingly large and surprisingly enthusiastic crowd and whilst the energy is there, whilst the crowd may jump at every one of Pharrel Williams’ commands, there just doesn’t seem to be any spark in the set.

The first of two rap based acts on today’s bill, N.E.R.D sweep on to the stage with an abundance of confidence as Williams’ takes the helm, interacting with the crowd and immediately inviting them lift their hands and move about. Soon ushering girls to join him on stage, Williams soon starts to dance with them, serenading a few but instantly detaching himself from the masses looking up waiting for his next command or even a hint of recognition. ‘She Wants To Move’ gets the biggest response from the crowd with a rush of cheering accompanying in the track but the track fails to ignite as Williams’ gentle yet high vocals get lost on the breeze, suggesting that perhaps N.E.R.D are best seen inside. Thankfully Williams’ notices that the crowd are waning and as if to make up for earlier onstage dalliances, soon heads down to the front, leaping off the stage and running towards the barrier as he makes his way through the crowd, hitting any hand held out before departing from The Bowl altogether. The enthusiasm may have been there from both the crowd and N.E.R.D but unfortunately things just didn’t gel as one leaving you with a sense of disappointment and slightly let down. It could have been better if only that vital little spark had negotiated its way to Milton Keynes.