When a band play introductory music before a set it is normally used to create an atmosphere for the rest of the set. Panic Cell decide that they’re going to use the opportunity as a total piss-take. Whilst Clint Eastwood style music is played, the skull dangling from the microphone stand gives you the impression that, perhaps, they’re not going to walk out whilst wearing cowboy hats.

Enter a drummer, two guitarists and a bassist – then, as the crowd start to cheer, a front-man possessed walks out on stage. Luke Bell’s presence drills something in to the crowd that causes them to go crazy. As solos ring throughout the hall and vocals penetrate every member of the crowd, Panic Cell start their latest single ‘Save Me’. With the single currently receiving a high-level of TV-play, it is no surprise that pits open up in the crowd who can easily be heard over the PA chanting the lyrics “Save me one more time…”.

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To put Panic Cell succinctly – fucking fantastic. It’s hard to imagine anybody topping their performance until Children of Bodom take the stage – and even they’re going to have a challenge rising to the level that Luke and company have set.

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