For a band that are newcomers to the British scene, it appears that thisGIRL have been taking a sizeable chunk of the UK's music industry by force. Nominated for this year's Kerrang! award for 'Best British Newcomer' and playing recently to a crowd in excess of 10,000 at the Limp Bizkit outdoor show in London are just a couple of highlights of this band's recent history.

Tonight, it is as if none of the above is deserved. If you were to take away the tG fans, most of this crowd could not happily identify where one song ends and the next starts. The entire set tonight seems far more like noise than one of the most promising bands to come out of Britain, especially considering their four years together.

The problem with the songs tonight may well be that they are suffering the small-venue, small-band syndrome where by they are not given suitable mixing, then again it may simply be that the songs tonight simply do not build anticipation. There are many moments where, suddenly, everything seems as if it might build up, then that's it. End of song. The whole set continues in this matter.

As far as the performance is concerned, thisGIRL manage to attract quite a crowd of Adema fans, some of which will go home tonight remembering this set. It is energetic and passionate, but sadly it seems to be in need of a lot more work.