A great 3 Day Weekend!

As far as I am aware Basildon is not famous for it's rock of any description, although of course, I've been known to be wrong on more than one occasion. Jacksons Warehouse could well change all of that with this blistering EP that quite frankly is marvellous!

First song and title track is '3 Day Weekend', which at first - despite that fast riffing and quick beat - could almost slot into the guitar-led indie rock that is growing more and more familiar in this day and age like chavs and gold chains. Thankfully when Simon Brown's vocals kick in you know that you are on to something special. His voice sounds like a cross between Liam Gallagher and Kelly Jones, and although the band sound very different from either Oasis or Stereophonics, Jacksons Warehouse have a sound that could very well see them having a similar success. It's ballsy without being heavy and offensive, and melodic without being weak and poppy.

Slow thudding tom-tom's, which has a very tribal feel to it, starts off the second song, 'Innocence Lost', and we have a more deep song that reminds me of The Doors, but with better vocals. The music is intelligent and there are no egos trying to over play, and perhaps this is why is sounds so good. It's catchy without needing harmonies and throwaway lyrics.

'I Don't See It That Way' is live and acoustic and apparently recorded late one evening. In contrast to the other two songs, there are harmonies, but these aren't too sugary sweet, and give you a song that you will be humming after a couple of plays. Cheers lads!

It won't surprise anyone to note that Jacksons Warehouse were worthy XFM Unsigned Poll Winners by 'an outstanding margin' in January. Due out in 2006 and also produced by Mike Spink of SX Records (as is this EP), Jacksons Warehouse will release their debut album, and I for one will be waiting to add it to my music collection.

In a music business that is churning out many bands trying to emulate the success of others by copying them, Jacksons Warehouse have come up with a great sound that although may not be deemed groundbreaking, it is highly entertaining, and should be enough to give them the success that they deserve. Basildon is the new home of rock!