3 tracks are never enough!

Last December I had the pleasure of reviewing Jacksonswarehouse's last EP, entitled '3 Day Weekend' which introduced me to the hard working and musically talented boys from Basildon. 'Hotel by The Sea EP' follows hot on the heels with another two studio tracks and live number.

First song is the title track 'Hotel By The Sea' and is an up tempo number with deep clear vocals and an interesting pogo rhythm section that has you bopping like a child on a bouncy castle. It is also the song that helped the band achieve the accolade of winning the XFM Unsigned poll by an "Outstanding Margin" on the Claire Sturgess show in early 2005. And of course, it's easy to see why with the catchy tongue-in-cheek lyrics, it will only take a couple of plays before it is stuck in your head!

Next song 'Still' has a middle of the road feel to it and it could so easily be on the soundtrack to an American movie that you are almost trying to place which film it may've been! The sound is a mixture of REM and The Pixies and is a slightly more gentler number than Hotel By The Sea, or the more rock'n'roll influenced '3 Day Weekend'.

Last song is the live acoustic 'Other Boys' and could almost be a bridge between the two EP's, showing an updated indie-influenced folk song. There's a hint of Soul Asylum here with a little Stereophonics, and if Jacksonswarehouse can get even a small slice of either band's success then I'm sure they'll be able to go to bed smiling!

There is a chemistry within the band that seems so effortless that it's a joy to listen to. The vocal range from Stuart Brown is truly a gift and another thing that sets them apart from their peers. The band is then brought together well by tight production from Mike Spink, a guy who is almost the 6th member!

I would say that this is slightly behind the '3 Day Weekend EP', but for no other reason other than the song '3 Day Weekend' is a corker! It's great to see a band that although has an indie edge, still understands the importance of the simple things like music, lyrics and delivery. Their sound is not dated, nor stuck firmly on the latest bandwagon, however with each mouth-watering EP, I find myself looking forward to the release of their album. Good work fellas!